Beyond Imagination Technologies


The MAI OS is powered by key technologies and a composable infrastructure. From platforms that reach audiences on any channel – web, mobile, and immersive VR to third-party plugins, cloud-native infrastructure, and ready-for-hosting services. Mai OS has been designed for Web H needs with ecosystem-wide rest API and SDK ecosystem to foster developer traction.

MAI is working on products and platforms based on emerging technologies like Web Hybrid, immersive 3D environments like the Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence-aided applications and services. MAI aims at building bridges between the thinkable and the doable, making internet-enabled metaverse technology more accessible for you than ever before.

Kalptantra is a blockchain-powered ecosystem with a sustainable public blockchain network named Kalp. It provides Blockchain-as-a-Service for individual clients, enterprises, and organizations with attribute-based and role-based access control over the virtual blockchain while protecting them against cyber-attacks or external scrutiny.