About Us​

Introduction Blockchain For Productivity Forum

Blockchain For Productivity Forum (BCPF) aims at promoting Blockchain adoption across India and internationally. We are working with Government and Non-Government bodies to proliferate this amazing technology. We envision ourselves to be the thought-leaders behind the successful implementation in a variety of industries.

BCPF is an initiative to accelerate our progress in Blockchain Technology and to further carryout social projects by creating innovative solutions to bring about a positive change primarily in the life of rural people as their social welfare initiative by converting unemployment into entrepreneurship supported with scholarly, research and creative endeavours with commitment to society.


The establishment of Blockchain for Productivity Forum has a one stop mission- “Upliftment of the communities by facilitating services or business via various platforms leveraging ICT technology and keeping the records/transaction on secure, immutable distributed ledger technology (DLT) (also called Blockchain) in a sustainable and effective manner.” Our mission is to maintain a level of excellence and standards in all programs that will give the forum a national and international significance. Our effort will be to learn and discover the transformational potential of Blockchain Technology and its ability to change the life of common people.


Blockchain for Productivity Forum, is incorporated with the sole vision of creating a forum of Experts for serving our community through Blockchain Technology that enrich their life and also disseminating knowledge among people, Corporations and Govt(s). it also aims to help to formulate appropriate policy or provide a suitable solution for a specific problem using ICT technologies. It will also expand its reach with experts both in India and abroad and have partnership among academic and business organizations to offer a creative and collective contributions to the country.

Value Proposition

A network of like-minded people will help in building of a robust community which will implement Blockchain as a Technology as per the need / requirement basis in various prospective sectors. The forum will take effort in building Collaborative frame works for engagement between Governments, Industry and Academia to foster growth and promote innovative solutions in Blockchin Technology and its ability to change the life of society. Blockchain for Productivity Forum has ambitious goals for the future. We want to improve people’s lives by building the digital infrastructure for the various sectors in the future.This form will be able to serve society through coordinated nationwide outreach programs .We’re looking for Self driven people or organizations to help us realize that vision with commitment and passion .